Queen Elizabeth II

London Bridge is down | 伊丽莎白二世女王去世后会发生什么

英国女王伊丽莎白二世 (Queen Elizabeth II) 在位七十年,是英国历史上在位时间最久的君主。当地时间9月8日,英国女王伊丽莎白二世在苏格兰巴尔莫勒尔城堡去世,终年96岁。按英国君主继承顺序,王储查尔斯王子继任成为英国国王。

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Operation London Bridge.

That’s the code name given to the plan in place for the days and weeks after Queen Elizabeth II’s passing.

The Queen has been sitting on the royal throne since 1952.
女王自 1952 年登基后,便一直在位到今日。

That’s the longest reign of any monarch in British history.

And during that time, she has seen over a dozen UK prime ministers, nearly 20 Summer Olympics, and over half a dozen popes.
而在这段期间内,她已经经历过十几个英国首相、将近 20 次夏季奥运以及超过半打的教皇。

The Queen is the cornerstone to the Commonwealth, the patron to almost 600 organizations and charities, and plays a pivotal role in the UK’s alliance with many countries.
女王是英联邦的基石、是超过 600 个组织和慈善团体的资助者,并且在英国与其他国家的结盟上扮演着关键的角色。

So her passing will bring about a lot of change.

Not just for the United Kingdom but potentially the world.

Her private secretary, The Right Honorable Edward Young, will immediately pass a message on to the acting prime minister at the time.
她的私人秘书,Edward Young 阁下,将会立刻传送一条信息给当时在任的英国首相。

That message will likely read “London Bridge is down.”

The prime minister will then set Operation London Bridge into action.

Within minutes, the 15 governments outside of the UK where the Queen is head of state will be informed over a secure line.
在几分钟内,15 个以女王为元首的英国海外政府将会通过保密专线得到通知。

And that will be followed by the other 36 Commonwealth nations and leaders around the world.
紧接着 36 个英联邦国家以及全球的领导人也将收到通知。

The gates of Buckingham Palace will then don a black-edged notice of the news.

At the same time, a newsflash will alert media around the world.

Every media outlet is prepared for the news.

Every radio station has a network of lights that will flash to indicate a national catastrophe such as this.

All BBC shows will stop and proceed to run a feed dedicated to the news.
所有 BBC 的节目都会暂停,并紧接着开始播放一系列的专门报导。
BBC 专题报道

Newsreaders will change into the black suits and clothing that is on hand at all times in the news studio, and the traditional red BBC News branding will turn black.
主播们会换上已经放置在摄影棚,随时可取得的黑色西装及服饰,而 BBC 传统的红色商标将会改为黑色。
BBC 主持人黑色西装及领带
BBC 白色logo

Newspapers, TV channels, and radio stations have days of coverage ready to go.

On the same day as her death, the Queen’s eldest son, Charles, will immediately become king.
King Charles III, the new monarch

And it’s reported that the stock exchange, businesses, and shops across the UK will likely close for the day out of respect.

The day after the Queen’s death, on a livestream, Charles will make his first official speech as King.

And the government will swear its allegiance to the sound of a 41-gun salute in Hyde Park, London.
而政府将会在伦敦海德公园鸣 41 响礼炮以宣示其忠贞。

After that, King Charles, if this is the name he so chooses, will set off on a UK tour, visiting the leaders of government in the capitals of each country, Edinburgh, Belfast, and Cardiff, before returning to London.

During this period, TV channels will play the many documentaries already made in the Queen’s honor.

And the BBC will refrain from playing comedy shows as a sign of respect until after the funeral.
而 BBC 将会避免播放喜剧节目以示尊敬,直到葬礼结束之后。

Four days after her death, the Queen’s coffin will be led on a military procession from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall.

Here she will lie in state over the next four days and after which King Charles, family, and dignitaries will pay their respects.

Then, the doors will open to likely hundreds of thousands of people queued up outside.

The funeral is estimated to take place 10 to 12 days after the Queen’s passing.
葬礼预计在女王过世后的 10 到 12 天后举行。

But one thing is certain.

The day of the funeral will be an official bank holiday for the whole of the United Kingdom.

The stock exchange will close for a second time in under two weeks, and many businesses will follow suit.

At 11 a.m. sharp, the bells of Big Ben will chime.
在上午 11 点整的时候,大本钟的钟声会响起。

The country will fall silent.

And the coffin will be brought inside Westminster Abbey, where 2,000 specially invited guests will bow their heads in prayer.
而棺材将会被送入威斯敏斯特教堂,2,000 位特邀宾客将会在那里低头祈祷。

After the service, the coffin will be taken to Windsor Castle and then finally to St. George’s Chapel, where Queen Elizabeth II will likely be laid to rest next to her father, King George VI.

Likely within a year after the funeral, an official coronation for King Charles will take place on yet another bank holiday.

All in all, accounting for the multiple bank holidays, funeral expenses, and coronation celebrations, the Queen’s passing is estimated to cost the UK economy billions of pounds.

In addition, hundreds of changes will happen across the UK in the months to come.

New British currency will be printed with the King’s portrait, and the Queen’s currency will slowly be removed from use.

The same will happen for stamps, passports, and police and military uniforms.

And the national anthem will be changed to “God Save the King.”

Not to mention, how the world and Commonwealth will react to the new King could alter the British royal family forever.

For example, there is growing support in Australia for the country to become a republic.

And the Queen’s death could heighten that support.

This could lead other countries to follow suit, which would almost certainly weaken the British monarchy.

This scenario will one day be upon us.

Operation London Bridge will be triggered, and arguably the biggest funeral of our lifetime will be witnessed around the world.

This will be the end of an era.

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